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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  October 13, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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minutes, but i anticipate more severe weather through the evening. a tornado warning for the district and surrounding counties until 11:00 tonight. the late breaking developments in the kidnapping murder, and a desperate search for a little boy. >> my hope is they find him alive and well. >> the tie between a mother's death her son's disappearance and the manhunt that has one man in custody. n.c. police have arrested jane mcquain's husband. she was found dead in her germantown home yesterday. her 11-year-old son william is still missing. brad bell has the latest details. >> that is the concern the well-being of 11-year-old william mcquain. the police do not know where he is. they have the suspect, and they
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made the arrest this morning. their hope was the boy would have been with the man, but he has not been found. they want the word out tonight a little boy is missing. it was a horrible crime when the police found 51-year-old jane mcquain murdered in her own bedroom in germantown. then they realize her 11-year- old son william, was missing and may have been gone two full weeks. >> he was last seen september 30. >> there were a familiar sight in the neighborhood. when this woman last saw the mcleans, -- solve of mcquains, william was in his football gear. neighbors say it only makes sense. >> there is a security building. it leads me to believe that she may have let him in. >> overnight, an arrest warrant was issued for the boy's
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stepfather. cell phone records narrowed the focus to 45-year-old curtis more recent lopez and his location in charlotte, north carolina where this morning an arrest was made. they say that curtis lopez has been less than cooperative both before the arrest and since. the police contacted him almost immediately when a missing person's report was filed. we are told that he has told some allies, some things that have incriminated him. montgomery county police are on their way to charlotte, north carolina but the bottom line is trying to find at this 11-year- old boy william. and about half an hour, the chief of police it is about to make a public appear because there is hope that he dropped the young man off with someone a relative perhaps for safekeeping.
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brad bell, abc 7 news. 11-year-old william mcquain was last seen in school september 30. the man in custody for jane mcquain's death is william's that father. there is no word on where his biological father is. more on this story later tonight. the suspect in the bowie state stabbing has been and i did and we are learning new details about the crime. gail huffer has the latest. - gail huff has the latest. >> they have not found the murder weapon. the have searched the dormitory and the suspect's home, but still the weapons found at the case. according to the grand jury indictment, this is a case of premeditated murder. it has been nearly a month since dominique frazier was stabbed and killed inside of her dorm room. earlier this morning, they charged that roommate, alexis
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simpson, with first-degree murder saying that she felonious lee, deliberately, and with premeditated malice murdered dominique frazier. >> people have not gotten over it yet. >> and the thought that may have been premeditated, it is that surprising? >> it is. >> the second charge, she wore and carried a dangerous weapon. according to authorities, the young women got into a fight over frazier's ipod music. since then stabbed her in the neck killing her. some cintas attorney said it was self-defense, and many students -- simpson's attorney said it was self-defense, and many students seem to agree. >> i do not think is premeditated. if they are harassing you, you may not. >> i do not believe that people come to school to think about
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murdering somebody. that does not make sense to me. but i don't know, the truth is bound to come out. >> it will be months before we have a trial. a preliminary hearing scheduled for simpson tomorrow has been canceled because of the indictment. gail huff, abc 7 news. the family of a 27-rolled man who died at side of a d.c. nightclub is filing a wrongful death lawsuit. the family will make the announcement in front of the dc9 nightclub. he died one year ago following a fight with the club employees. they were initially charged with murder but they were reduced to aggravated assault when the medical examiner's office could not determine if the employees caused his death. the weather did not stop work at the national cathedral, ticking off part of a pinnacle that was damaged during the august earthquake. suzanne kennedy has more on what is being done to get this land marked back open.
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>> today marks the first of today's where two pinnacles will be removed from the top of the national cathedral as the national landmark is closing in on being shot down two months. wrapped in a blanket of fog workers carefully undertook a massive job of removing the teutonic pinnacle from the national cathedral's central tower - 2 ton pinnacle from the national cathedral's center tower. the decorative stone work was damaged on august 23, 25.8 magnitude earthquake -- when a 5.8 magnitude earthquake shook washington. >> once we get it down, we can see how many scuds have been damaged and how many we need to replace. >> it is estimated the work
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could take a decade. the church is hoping to raise $25 million to cover the repair work and operating budget. >> we hope to be open in november 12 for the consecration of the new bishop of washington. >> people watched as the dangerous and delicate work was done. >> it is amazing to see it. it will be wonderful to see the completed cathedral with the pinnacle. >> it is a shame that we cannot go in, but it was still nice to walk around it and see the outside of thatit. >> next week, the same engineering firm that was inside the washington monument to check it out will be trying to determine if there was any further damage that has so far
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not been spotted. reporting live in northwest suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. metro has approved major service changes to the blue line and yellow line realigning service next year. it would push more trains to the yellow line to make room for the incoming silver line extension to dulles airport. there are also considering fare changes. at 6:00, but metro is trying to do to prevent a nightmare to meet again. mayor vincent gray says that arrests for expired vehicle registrations need to stop. on wtop, he said he is willing to consider emergency legislation to amend existing law to stop the police from arresting drivers whose only offense is expired tags. fairfax county police have arrested a convicted sex offender after he was found on school property, just feet from
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the children. bzemar melgerai was found in a fairfax county school. >> it is fairfax city police working the case. there is a new development. the fact that some boys who are students here approached police officers this afternoon and told them they saw a man matching the suspect's description the day before he was arrested, walking around the boy's locker room. just down the street from where her son splashes in a puddle a convicted sex offender was arrested at fairfax high school. >> i cannot imagine how scared they would be. at>> they said 59-year-old zemar melgerai asked to shower
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inside of a field house, which is separate from the school. the worker said note and call security when they saw him urinating on a shrub. but the police showed up, melgerai reportedly tried to run. >> we do not believe that he made any contact with any of the students. >> melgerai was convicted of a sex offense and california. he says he moved here two weeks ago but has not registered in virginia. he faces charges for not registering as a sex offender. and being a convicted sex offender on school grounds. students and neighbors are relieved the arrest was made. >> it was scary and i am glad nothing happen to anybody else. >> detectives are trying to trace this man's steps to find out how long he has been in the area, whom he may be in contact with, and additional details like the ones the students
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provided late this afternoon. meantime melgerai is being held without bond. gail pennybacker, abc 7 news. gail, you may need to get indoors, steve rudin has been reported warnings? >> eastern fauquier county and prince william county until 5:30 abc 7 live super doppler radar, a large cluster of storms stretching all the way from olney to fredericksburg. the focus is around manassas, expected to be impacted of the the next 15, 20 minutes. the cell is moving to the north and east at 35 m.p.h., and has the potential to produce a tornado. nothing has been reported on the ground but doppler radar indicates the potential for rotation until 5:30, manassas
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and bull run moving towards the north at 30 m.p.h. it will eventually make its way closer to the immediate metro area especially fairfax county and the loudoun county. storms continue to develop during the evening. the good news, if we have any advantage, we are looking at conditions that will gradually improve as we move through the overnight hours. the sun sets a lot earlier just about 6:30, and the daytime heating we had today with the sunshine this afternoon that is what brought on the severe weather. but to send to time lapse mode, the development of the storms. the center of the storm now moving towards manassas. down towards stafford, quantico, dale city interstate 95
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corridor, strong storms to contend with. the main focus is the box until 5:30 this evening, prince william county, that is the core of this warning. the storm moves off to the north at about 35 m.p.h. showers over the district into old town alexandria, springfield, the mixing bowl. on the left-hand side of the screen the storms quickly moving to the north. centreville, chantilly dulles international airport you will all be in line for stronger storms as well as ruston and vienna and eventually tysons corner. worth watching, not tornado warnings in effect until 5:30 -- worth watching, tornado warnings in effect until 5:30. we will keep you updated.
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much more details coming up.
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another maryland established has fallen victim to a flash
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mob. >> a dozen teenagers flood at the store stealing hundreds of dollars of merchandise, with some looking out others running out. the police got the license plate of one suspect, but young man said he did not steal anything and did not know the kids who did. >> a group of four people came in then 6, then two more, and then got overwhelming. >> the police believe only four members of the mob planned the robbery. store employees believed the teens were working together. another airline will charge more to fly airtran adopting a so-called "customers of size" policy. they will require fliers who cannot fit in one seat with the armrests down to purchase a second seat. they said they will refund the extra seat purchase if there are
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open seats at the end of the flight. blackberry service is back to normal after a three-state out -- three-day putage. it stopped service and europe, the middle east, and parts of south america, and spread to u.s. and canada yesterday. it is very busy in the weather center, a tornado warnings for a lot of virginia. >> steve rudin, what is the latest? >> tornado warning until 5:30, prince william county with the heaviest of the activity, especially around manassas. the storms moving to the north at about 30, 35 m.p.h. clearly defined on abc 7 super doppler radar eventually impact in fairfax county into loudoun county, but the warning until
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5:30 and the rest of the area under a tornado watch until 11:00 tonight. the track of the storms, as they moved off towards the north, we will put this in motion. about 5:20, york shire area, heading toward centreville at 5:27 and towards chantilly at 5:35. these are the areas in the direct impact for the potential -- need to stress potential tornado. we have no reports of anything on the ground at this time. eventually moving towards ruston and ashburn. the tornado warning in prince william county until 5:30. more than likely the storms will extend through the early evening. the large cluster of storms, fredericksburg all the way towards quantico, eventually moving into the immediate metro
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area, southern maryland also. once this moves through, things start to settle down during the evening hours. do we have that new scammed, alex? to show the latest timeline. manassas park at 5:21, yorkshire at 5:24, chantilly at 5:39. the strong storms will linger past 5:30 for this tornado warning. of storms, the heaviest towards fredericksburg moving towards the washington metro area. should also note there is a tornado watch in effect for the district and surrounding counties and points south, including fredericksburg. the areas shaded in red is the latest warning until 5:30.
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go into a basement interior rooms, stay away from windows and protect yourself. the temperatures out to the west only in the 60's. we had a lot of sunshine around quantico fredericksburg, charlottesville early this afternoon, and that led to the atmosphere becoming more unstable. 70's in the early evening falling into the 60's, improving conditions overnight with temperatures at about 55-60. daytime highs tomorrow, 70-75 with a cold front moving through. the beautiful weekend ahead the high pressure building across the mid-atlantic, which means find whether friday and saturday. we will keep you updated once again, a tornado warning prince william county until 5:30 this evening. coming up, "footloose" is back on the big screen.
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will the remake have you running for the door? >> we are honored to have them. >> michelle obama brings a special international cast to annandale high school. >> and we continue to monitor the tornado warnings in virginia.
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new developments and the
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california hair salon shooting. new details about a possible motive. >> 8 people died when a man walked into the seal beach salon. scott thuman is in the satellite center with the latest. >> this appears to be a horrible and to a bitter custody battle. tonight, an ex-husband upset over the amount of time that he could see his son is accused of walking into the pact hair salon and opening fire. tonight, we're getting a closer look into the frantic scene. the man who the police say is responsible. >> all i could hear were screams and shouts. >> this is say he was wearing body armor walk into the salon and began shooting as customers dove for cover. he allegedly stepped outside shot a man in the parking lot and sped off.
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>> it is unbelievable. it is something we cannot fathom. >> the police caught up with him a half mile from the scene and say he put up no struggle. >> they had him by the shirt then they realized he had on a bulletproof vest and they took the vest off. but that time, he was handcuffed. >> he and his ex-wife michelle, who was killed in the shooting had a long-running custody battle over their 7-year-old son. she claimed he was bipolar and had called 911 to say he is going to kill himself or someone else. >> it was no surprise. i did not even have to ask you did it. >> his neighbors were shocked. one called him outgoing, inviting. all of this happened just one day after he was in court for a custody hearing on that custody
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dispute. it is being called the worst mass murder shooting in orange county history. coming up, startling news about the safety of those booster seats that are supposed to protect children in car crashes. >> scammers impersonating federal agents, taking people for i'm a curious seeker. i am a
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more on the breaking news in montgomery county, where an arrest has been made in the death of a germantown woman. >> it was determined that her vehicle was gone. our investigation has determined that curtis lopez a 45-year-old man, was jane klein's husband and frequented her residence but did not appear to live there. mr. lopez was recently seen in the area of ms. mcquain's residents and taking property and loading it into his vehicle. he was contacted by detectives last night in connection with her disappearance. this was prior to the detectives discovering her body.
5:31 pm
once the detectives determined this was a homicide mr. lopez based on his inconsistent statements became a person of interest. an amber alert was issued for her vehicle and her son william. based on the amber alert charlotte mecklenburg p.d. located her vehicle at a lodge in charlotte north carolina, at 8:30 this morning. based on investigations, it warrant was obtained for mr. lopez for first-degree murder and he was arrested at approximately 9:30 this morning as he was leaving the econo lodge. 11-year-old william mclean -- william mcquain is still missing. he is a biracial man, 5 feet tall weighing 85 pounds. our priority now is locating william mcquain. we are asking for the public's help. if you have any information with
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regard to the whereabouts of william mcquain, please contact the montgomery county police department at 240-773-5070 the major crimes division of the much calmer county police department -- of the montgomery county police department. these are pictures of william. our priority, our focus right now is to locate william mcquain. we were hoping that we would find him with mr. lopez, and we did not. so we are asking for the public's help in locating a 11- rolled william mcquain. >> she may have been dead several weeks and he has been missing? >> not two full weeks. we have information that we believe she was alive at least
5:33 pm
through october 1 october 2 maybe beyond that. we're trying to confirm that information. i think it could be anywhere from 10 to 12 days. >> to the best of your knowledge, why did it take so long for a missing person's report to be filed? >> i do not know. i do not have information about that. i did not have any information about why someone reported it earlier. that will all be part of the investigation, but i would not speculate as to why we did not get any information earlier. >> could you talk about where your hopes for this young man may be? you hoped he would be with the man, he was not. the man is not telling you where he is. >> we could speculate about
5:34 pm
where the young man may be. my hope is that he may be with a family member or friend that perhaps has no idea what has occurred with his mother. but as time goes on, it becomes more and more of a long shot that is the case. but we're still hoping that we can still find william, and we are asking for the public's help. it to have any information at all about the young man to give us a call. but>> mr. lopez is not being cooperative? >> i have no information about what information he has given our detectives at this point. >> he was seen removing things from her home into her car? did anybody see the boy that night? >> i do not have the information about that. the only thing the witness talked about was removing property from her residence and loading it into her vehicle.
5:35 pm
we do not have any at this point, but we just started this investigation last night. there is more and more information coming in, and we are hopeful we will get even more information. >> can you explain a little about the suspect -- >> i really do not have more inflation that i can share at this point. -- i really did not have any more information that i could sure at this point. when the statement charges are filed, that will become public, but at this point, we're still hopeful that we will get more information. we do not want to jeopardize that by putting out too much information. >> the charges -- >> the war has been issued for first-degree murder, yes. -- a warrant has been issued for first-degree murder, yes.
5:36 pm
[inaudible] >> about the time that she may have gone -- that she may have been killed. the witnesses could not give us an exact dates but it was around that time frame. >> that is the update on the murder of jane mcquain and the disappearance of her 11-year-old son, william mcquain. we will have more on this at 6:00. >> a desperate plea from the chief, hoping to find this boy alive. steve rudin is muttering tornado warnings and watches. >> a brand new tornado warning has just come out for fairfax county. let me show you the path of the storms as they quickly moved towards the north. dale city, overhead right now
5:37 pm
lorton newington and it just about 10 minutes. adding over towards burke, north springfield, and eventually fairfax and franconia. this is part of a large system that will quickly move through over the next hour or so. the latest updates on the tornado warning, until 6:00 for fairfax county, chantilly oakton, reston, wolf trap, tysons corner, and herndon, all expected to be impacted. we need to be very clear we do not have reports of a tornado on the ground, just the potential for activity as indicated by doppler radar. here is the latest doppler radar, everything moving off towards the north, northeast at about 30, 35 m.p.h. the area shaded and pink is under the tornado warning until 6:00 this evening. it will eventually move closer
5:38 pm
towards the district and could clip arlington into the district and eventually move into montgomery county and prince george's county over the next hour or so. we also have a tornado watch in effect for the areas shaded and yellow including the district and surrounding area and points south until 11:00 tonight. i am confident we will see this cancel out earlier than that. then the temperatures are cool off to the west. that is where the tornado watch is not an effect at this time. we will head back to the storm scan and show you, once again the track of the storms. as we move through this evening the latest, another track dale city until 5:40, that is when you will see the heaviest impact. lorton is about 5:51, moving towards newington and burke
5:39 pm
west springfield, north springfield, the mixing bowl, just about 6:00. that will eventually move towards franconia and annandale. the storm has the potential to produce a tornado nothing as of yet reported on the ground. the newly issued a tornado warning for fairfax county until 6:00 tonight. also included, prince william county. i anticipate more warnings to be issued as we move through the next couple hours. of course, we will keep you updated. here on abc 7 and on >> thank you steve. the dea is putting out a warning about a phone scam that has taken victims for thousands. >> alisa fletcher has what you need to watch out for. >> the dea estimates at least 2000 people have been targeted. bilking people from thousands
5:40 pm
what impersonating federal agents. yesterday, the amistad themselves another victim right here in our area. -- that almost had themselves another victim right here in our area. >> this is special agent joe campbell, please call me back. i have information regarding your case. >> the man had not done anything wrong. he called back and was told the dea intercepted a package addressed to him. and that he was in big trouble for ordering prescription drugs online. >> it was very threatening at first. that a series of phone calls led him to believe he was talking with federal agents. they gave him a case number and said they were negotiating a fine to avoid jail. >> there was a heightened sense of fear that you are going to get dragged away and put in jail for something that you did not do. >> one of his former employees
5:41 pm
had ordered prescription drugs on line from a company computer. dea agents say that is probably how they found him. they set up fake drug sites, get your information when you order and use that against you claiming they are dea and you have broken the law and must pay a fine or face immediate arrest. >> it sounds legitimate, other than the fact that no reputable law enforcement agency in the country would try to receive money legitimately over the phone. >> he eventually called the dea and was told it was a scam. that you could easily get caught up in this to pay the money to get them off your back. is that scary. >> the investigation is massive. thousands of people have complained to the dea, untold numbers of them extorted, some for up to $1,000. 11 citizens of the dominican republic have been indicted. now the trick is extraditing them. time now to go to break, but
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checking back with steve
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rudin. >> he is keeping an eye on the tornado warnings. >> there are two distinct and separate warnings until 6:00 this evening, the polygons, the areas affected by the tornado warnings. even though the entire area a shaded with the hot pink, it is within the public on the need to watch most closely, especially fairfax county until 6:00. butthis is where the strongest of the storms is located. this is what is going on, another perspective showing more detail and the path of the storms. the areas that will be impacted over the next half-hour oakton vienna reston, another 10, 15 minutes. no reports of a tornado on the ground but the storms have the potential to create tornados carry we will keep you updated as we move through the early evening hours.
5:46 pm
the immediate metro including the district, arlington alexandria still under a tornado watch until 11:00 tonight. lorton newington, west springfield, burke, north springfield, and franconia, all of the areas that could be impacted by the strong cells. conditions improved at into the middle of the evening and overnight once we get through this line of stronger storms. once again two distinct tornado warnings, but expiring at 6:00. another track shows oakton at 5:55, of vienna at 60 to -6:02. where the hand this morning that is dulles international airport, where their radar is located. all of this is west of the d.c.
5:47 pm
metro, but it will move into the immediate metro area, within the beltway, as we move into the next hour or so and it will eventually have a tremendous impact on montgomery county. rockville, interstate 270 and i- 495 meat, looking for heavy storms in that area. that is not until about another half hour, 45 minutes. no warnings at this point for montgomery county. the focus fairfax county until 6:00 chantilly oakton merrifield, reston, wolf trap, tysons corner, and herndon. those are the areas that will have the biggest impact as we move through the remainder of the rush hour. the rest of the area under a tornado watch expanding to the north to include baltimore. also montgomery county and prince toward discounting the district, old town alexandria,
5:48 pm
-- prince george's county the district, old town alexandria. the area that is in yellow is the tornado watch until 11:00 tonight. the western portions of maryland not underwrite watch because there was hardly any sunshine and the sunshine is what allowed the atmosphere to become unstable. the areas with the tornado warning, fairfax and prince william, those are the areas shaded in red. the heaviest activity in the next half-hour or so, springfield, that will be a major concern. and then a new update, tracking on this, which is going to show oakton vienna, reston, and tysons corner. further south dale city, also watching a strong cell towards
5:49 pm
newington, of burke, west springfield, north springfield annandale. these areas will all be impacted. the good is, once we move through, once this is out of here the skies cleared just a little bit, patchy fog will settle land for the evening. oakton and vienna, 6:02, 6:09, so the warning set to expire at 6:00 fairfax county and that prince william county. i am fairly confident we will continue to see these warnings continue through the early evening hours, at the very least. every time we have the rotation of the radar the times update, the storms moving off to the north at 30 m.p.h. if you are planning on heading to tysons corner and the next half-hour wheat and hour or so.
5:50 pm
traffic it's really rough especially this time of evening. and southern maryland, at indian head potomac heights, looking for stronger storms and as we move through the early evening hours. we still have the tornado warnings in effect for prince william county and fairfax county separate warnings at this time, and there remained in effect until 6:00. the rest of the area under a tornado watch until 11:00 this evening. the way things look right now it appears most of this watch will come down a bit before then. going to the abc 7 live super doppler radar the motion of the storms as they moved off towards the north and east. dale city looking at heavy activity right now, fairfax county. to clarify, the polygons, the 4-
5:51 pm
sided shape the ec and the center of the screen is what we're looking at. haymarket is under a tornado warning, but the shading is in the entire county. you are not impacted at this point, and you will not be west of manassas. the heaviest of the cells are just about to move all around the beltway and into tysons corner towards reston, and eventually into montgomery county as we move into the early evening. 5:54 moving into lorton, newington at 6:01. burke at 6:00 for, north springfield shortly thereafter, and annandale at about 6:11. we're getting much closer towards arlington and the district.
5:52 pm
these are the areas that will be impacted during the 6:30 to 7:15 time as the stronger storms develop. off to the west, things are beginning to settle down. that is a good indication of what is on the way overnight. another track shows herndon reston and great falls all affected between 6:00 and 615 -- between 6:00 and 6:15. we will keep you updated through the evening. i anticipate additional warnings over the next hour or so. more coming up in just a few minutes. going to be a busy night. >> let's check in on sports. >> we have the caps tonight against the penguins, but the redskins have everybody talking. word from philadelphia is that the eagles are suffering from self-inflicted pressure and media hype.
5:53 pm
but francour says the eagles quit in the second half against the niners. the bottom line, philadelphia has lost four in a row and they're coming to washington to play the redskins. these teams for now have reversed roles. >> i am happy with a lot of things. >> everybody has to of the mindset that we can turn it around. >> the eagles were supposed to be on top of the nfc east and possibly the nfl after compiling their new roster. >> dream team. >> while the redskins were once again destined for the seller according to the so-called experts. >> you know what, it is still only the first quarter of the season. >> after last week's lost out in buffalo, peter king wrote that the eagles were sloppy and dumb. >> sloppy? i don't even want to comment. unless you have played this
5:54 pm
game, i did not think he could make comments like that. >> the redskins are not buying it, at least publicly. when asked about the eagles' implosion - >> they're the top explosives guys in the business. >> there are a talented team. to have an explosive combination.
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a new warning for parents to use booster seats for their children. they say that half of the booster seats do not fit all seat belts. 41 booster seats that not properly fit seat belts in every vehicle. a big day at annandale high school today. >> the first lady stopped by with an international guest with a special message. >> the first lady of the united states michelle obama. >> first lady michelle obama and
5:58 pm
her south korean counterpart stressed the importance of education in and out of the classroom. >> take some risks try something new. when you find something that you like invest in it. >> her. to the fairfax county school where 10% -- her trip to the fairfax county school where 10% of the student body is korean. the students gathered in the gym to listen to music. including the world chairman lauren -- the world children's choir. >> i can be aware of different cultures and different people. >> the student body represents 90 countries speaking dozens of languages. mrs. obama said that is what education is about. >> there is so much diversity here, this is the perfect place to find out who you are and what
5:59 pm
you want to become. >> the students have heard those words before from parents and teachers. the sale has a different meaning when it comes from the first lady. -- they say at has a different meaning when it comes from the first lady. >> to hear it from her, i feel like we took it to heart. >> what she said was very inspiring today. that will dewitt for abc 7 news at 5:00. at 6:00 the president speaks out about the terror plot in the district and the saudi ambassador. what he says about iran's role. and we are tracking to search of a missing 11-year-old maryland boy. that is at 6:00. captioned by the national captioning institute the threat of severe weather. >> some areas are under a tornado warnings, with one twister


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